MacKenzie Scott Gifts $50M to PVAMU

Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott surprised Prairie View A&M with its single largest donation which was a part of Scott’s recent $4.2 billion in charitable giving.

“$50 million from MacKenzie Scott,” said PVAMU student body president Alanna Gaskin. “Phenomenal. Like, it’s amazing. When the students and I received the notification of this donation, of course we were shocked, but we were also elated in saying that this will help further invest into the programs and departments that help the students succeed academically, professionally, socially.”

It’s a $50 million hand up in a year when so many of us have been pushed down.

Its reach is far. $10 million is already helping juniors and seniors who are barely making it in this pandemic.

“We think that it will help relieve the burden on students who are working two and three and sometimes even four jobs just to make ends meet to pay educational expenses,” Palmer said.

$40 million is going to the university’s endowment which will fund new faculty positions, “making sure that we’re on the cutting edge of new research and technology,” said Palmer of the endowment boost that will help raise the university’s profile, help to graduate more students and benefit the Texas economy.

“I believe right now, our country is focusing on this idea of equity in education. It’s important to the larger societal change,” Palmer said. “We need more diverse leaders in companies in industry and in our country to change our society for the better.”

In a year which spotlighted the need for racial and social justice and equality, a $50 million donation is confirmation that change is happening.

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